For those who can't get enough caffeine in their coffee, you can now bath in it and suck on a lollipop all day if needed...where do they come up with this stuff..BD


Some folks like imbibing their caffeine in coffees and sodas and energy drinks. Others like eating it in candies and mints and "magic" brownies. But if you ask us, the most enjoyable way to get caffeine into your system is to rub glowing gel all over your body and let it seep into your pores. And if you just happen to get cleaner in the process, even better!

                                                       From the glowing-green/yellow Mt. Dew color to the refreshing citrus scent, Shower Shock Body Wash is all about getting you awake and moving. Each normal-sized application gives you about 200mg of caffeine rushing into your blood stream. You'll feel rejuvenated, energized, and you just might tingle a little. And tingling (unless you are being electrocuted by mutant eels) is always fun.


Javapops come in 5 adult flavors, each one a decadent taste of fancy brew. And these suckers aren't for kids, as each one is extra large and loaded with 60mg of caffeine. Please direct your attention to the little wooden stick. That's so you can swizzle your Javapop in some liquid coffee - for even more sweet pep. By now you are probably wondering how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Javapop. Well, whatever you do, don't ask an owl - they cheat.

Source:  Major Geeks


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