Gives a new meaning to the old saying that "one man's trash (or feces in this case) is another man's gold" if you will...but if it saved your life I guess one would get over the initial shock of the treatment...should be no problem finding donors at any rate...BD 

IN THE annals of medical history, this could go down as one of the most effective but stomach-churning treatments ever devised.

Scientists seeking a cure for a deadly superbug have successfully treated patients using human feces. Doctors involved in the trials admit there are "obvious aesthetic problems" in the treatment, which involves patients ingesting a liquidized sample of feces from a partner or close relative.

Trials in a Scottish hospital have shown patients suffering from the Clostridium difficile bug can be cured using 'donor stool' administered via a tube through the nose into their stomach. Traditional treatment of Clostridium difficile involves the use of antibiotics. But doctors at Glasgow's Gartnavel Hospital have conducted a trial of fecal transplants' on 12 patients for whom antibiotics had failed to stop repeated bouts of the infection.

The process takes about two weeks, during which donors are screened for suitability and other treatments are tried out. The key requirement is that donors should not have recently been on antibiotics themselves.  Doctors then mix the donated feces with water to allow it to travel through a tube. Despite the positive results, doctors stress that they still regard the fecal transplant as a "last resort" because it is cumbersome and the idea of is unpleasant.

Scotland on Sunday - Health - Cure for killer bug - but there's a catch

Kevin, MD


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