On a prior post it was noted that the FDA needs some new technology...as the article states that key employees were still writing these things out in longhand...on paper...as technology continues to grow, those in responsible positions could certainly benefit with some technology updates, at least with hardware for a start...

Hello Intel...anybody listening...maybe Craig Barrett...could we get some Classmates over there to help out??  BD 

The team concludes that after a device achieves Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval, a technology assessment by an independent organization can help identify medical devices that are truly beneficial and safe. The researchers also suggest that this assessment follow an "evidence-based" approach to information-gathering that includes data on the device's success in clinical application. This type of data would be valuable for increasing health professionals' awareness of "the potential promise and pitfalls of new technology," the team writes. "Physicians and patients just aren't aware of the limitations of the FDA process of initial assessment and oversight of new medical technologies.image

Out of the thousands of medical technology applications submitted annually to the FDA, less than 100 undergo the kind of scrutiny required for new drugs, according to information cited in the report. Most new applications are approved through an expedited FDA process that considers new devices similar to those already approved. Plus, the agency relies on manufacturers and clinical investigators to initiate recalls and failure reports when a technology is not beneficial or is potentially harmful to patients, the report states.  The analysis was funded by the Blue Shield of California Foundation.

Calling For Medical Device Information To Better Serve Patients And Doctors


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