This legal page tells you what you can and can't do...and to retain an "experienced whistleblower attorney" before you get started...most notable would be cases involving Medicare and Medicaid cases...the list covers physicians, hospitals, labs, testing facilities, medical device manufacturers (updated recently in the press) and pharmaceutical companies...I didn't realize up until now that this was a specialty in the legal field...BD 

The lawyers and attorneys at our firm have helped individuals seeking to expose image fraud and waste in government healthcare programs, including Medicare and Medicaid, file Whistleblower lawsuits. Medicare and Medicaid fraud is the most common type of healthcare fraud that is covered by Whistleblower laws. One estimate states that fraud and abuse cost Medicare and Medicaid about $33 billion each year. In fiscal year 2001 alone, the Department of Justice reported recoveries of more than $1.2 billion related to civil health care fraud. However, the government was only able to recover a small portion of the estimated fraud.

Corporate Whistleblower Lawyer Pharmaceutical Qui Tam Lawsuit


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