The meaning of advantage is below.  Who knows what might be uncovered next as this may or may not be just a Merck issue, but as documents and other items of years past surface, this is what we have, sell, sell, sell, and it's perhaps not unlikely that some of these items and issues could exist at other companies as well.  image

There has been a lot of news and controversy about Pharma marketing in recent years, even enough to change some general policies recently.  With personalized medicine testing coming of age, the day of the big marketing efforts may slowing down once enough information is gathered to allow for intelligent decisions.  BD 

ADVANTAGE, or Assessment of Differences between Vioxx and Naproxen to Ascertain Gastrointestinal Tolerability and Effectiveness.

Merck spokesman Ron Rogers said Hill and his colleagues have been critics of Merck and just cherry picked "some documents to support their thesis."

Dr. Bruce Psaty, a University of Washington epidemiologist, said Hill and his colleagues had disclosed their conflict of interest in their report but that the ADVANTAGE trial wasn't transparent about its purpose.

Researchers: Merck Vioxx study was for marketing


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