I use Dragon as well both on my desktop and on my Tablet PC.  It certainly makes it easier for me with just integrating with Outlook for email for one example and with the tablet PC and using the dual array microphones, there's no headset required.   In addition, Dragon is also the prime choice of the military for use with electronic medical records.  Earlier this year, they also acquired eScription, which is used in several hospitals.  

Sometimes on a lengthy post for the blog, I use Dragon Dictation as well.  One nice feature is the transcription item whereby I can dictate and have the software transcribe later with making a  voice file initially, saves a lot of time.  Good tool for anyone in the medical business.  BD 

BURLINGTON, Mass., Aug 07, 2008 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Nuance Communications, Inc., a leading supplier of speech solutions, is today announcing that its healthcare division has crossed the 70,000 license threshold with its Dragon Medical speech  recognition solution. Dragon Medical is the only version of Nuance's Dragon(R) software family designed exclusively for use by healthcare providers to create electronic medical records. With 70,000 users, Dragon Medical is used by more than 10 percent of all physicians in the U.S.

Major EMR vendors are supporting Dragon Medical as an element of EMR deployments. Dragon Medical makes EMRs easier to use by reducing the number of mouse clicks and typing required by clinicians to document care


More Than 70,000 Healthcare Providers Use Dragon Medical for Voice-Driven Clinical Documentation - MarketWatch


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