This robot is not new to the blog here as I have done several posts about how it works, and Fountain Valley Regional hospital a Tenet facility, where I have a few surgeries done in the past, now has one to make rounds.  The robot is leased at $6500.00 a month.  Also by adding the robot, the hospital was able to to apply for certification as a specialized stroke center by the Joint Commission, approval is still pending.  The robot comes complete with a stethoscope and can print out orders on paper that runs like a cash register tape.image

This is paid for by the hospital as insurance companies only cover a robot when in service in a rural area.  Wonder if we might see this change some day too as it used to be shortages were found mostly in rural areas for finding a doctor, but now it’s all over.  Below is a video from UCLA that shows the robot in action and explains a bit more about how it functions and the other end, the control center where the doctor is located.  These guys need to be plugged in and charged up too, just like any other computer. 

The second video below highlights what Children’s Hospital of Orange County is doing in the pharmacy to cut down on medical errors.  The video is a couple years old so I am guessing there are updates and new services that may be available with the RIVA pharmacy robot as well. 

Also, below is a link on a post I did a while back about a futuristic day of visiting the doctor and some of the activity is a bit stretched, but everything you see in the post is technology that is either in use or available today, something to think about and there might be a few surprises with technology that you have not thought about, but is here today.  There are individual links to each post about each device or service included, so check out the links for more information.  BD 

The Future – A Day of Going to the Doctor

At Fountain Valley Regional Hospital

When 75-year-old stroke patient Joan Moullet arrived at Fountain Valley Regional Hospital, a neurologist didn't respond immediately to a page. So emergency room staff unplugged their backup from the wall.

A 5-foot-tall robot rolled to Moullet's bedside to connect her for a virtual face-to-face exam with a specialist in Los Angeles. Over his laptop, the doctor discussed her symptoms, reviewed her CAT scan and looked at her weakened hand through the robot's camera lens. Moullet could see the doctor's face on a screen that looks like the robot's head.

Fountain Valley's robot allows a doctor to do everything but shake a new patient's hand.

At Orange County Children’s Hospital – Robotic Pharmacy

At CHOC in Orange, pharmacists are dispensing intravenous medications with the $1 million precision of RIVA. The new robot works quickly in a sterile glass enclosure with some human help.

Rita Jew, executive director of the pharmacy, said the system reduces medication waste and errors and will free up pharmacists to work more closely with doctors and nurses on the patient floors.

Robots back up doctors at O.C. hospitals | robot, hospital, moullet, patient, doses - Life -

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