A couple months ago I did a post with a video showing the new facility and all the sinks they have, emphasis by the the facility manager, have lots of sinks available.  Here’s the video again to see the new modern facility.  UCI Irvine has had its troubles over the years, but let’s hope better days are on the way.

Also in the news of recent, speculation of Dr. Charles Rosen from UCI perhaps in the running for Surgeon General?  You can read more on that topic here.  He’s also been known as a whistle blower, but by today’s terms, that’s not a bad thing as we all are looking for honesty and the truth. 

Hoping to turn a page on its problem-plagued past, UC Irvine Medical Center this week opens the doors to its new state-of-the-art imagefacility, a milestone for Orange County's flagship public hospital. The moment is being observed with restrained optimism given the institution's 15 years of persistent problems, from fertility doctors who stole patients' eggs and embryos to failures in the liver transplant program that led to more than 30 patient deaths.

At the helm of the new hospital on an interim basis is Terry Belmont, former chief executive of Long Beach Memorial Medical Center and Miller Children's Hospital.

His hope is that the new building will help UCI escape past stigmas and focus on its hallmarks, like its Cancer Center, the county's only regional burn center and its Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

UCI Medical Center to open new hospital - Los Angeles Times

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  1. I just got done watching the video and WOW,
    this place is amazing. It is nice to see new medical facilities working with the best of the best in medical technology.
    As a health advocate I am proud to see this video and new medical facility.

  2. This looks like a true state of the art facility that is really geared towards the comfort of the patient. I wish all medical facilities would follow these footsteps

  3. I honestly think UCI has got a bad rap for a long time for minor stuff.There are hundreds of world renowned physicians, nurses and hospital staff that work here and there are many many hospitals with worse problems and major issues..it would be great if some reporters in OC register and LA times would focus on other hospitals in Southern California and let UCI breathe and grow!!!!!There is a limit to being vicious!

  4. It is very important to stay on top of your health and have a check up at least once a year to ensure that you remain healthy. Many health problems are curable but you need to catch them in time. Do not wait to go see a doctor because it may be too late.


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