Being a truck driver, he’s about as portable one one human being can be.  This is part of the trial being conducted by the Cleveland Clinic, working with HealthVault and devices.  Blood Pressure is only one type of device that connects and imports the data.  As the driver states, he has a portable unit that goes on the road with him too.  The hospital is also working with Google Health as well on their pilot program.

The software is intelligent enough to notify his physician when there is need for concern with numbers that could be dangerous and his helping with monitoring his medication he takes.  As you can read, there’s really nothing that difficult, plug it in, put on the cuff, and the rest is done by the device and the computer, no manual entry required for the numbers.  The link below shows a couple additional videos and even a hospital in Texas now working with Microsoft Surface.  BD

Microsoft HealthVault Videos - Device Communication and Surface at the Doctor’s Office

The cross-country truck driver, who lives in Bedford, wraps a digital blood-pressure reader around his arm, plugs it into his laptop and watches the machine upload the reading to his personal electronic medical record. The system notifies a doctor with an e-mail if the readings hint of any medical issues. "I would say that the hardest thing about this is, well, there really isn't anything hard," says Jesse. Within the past few months, the daily readings have led to adjustments in Jesse's medications and a stabilizing of his blood pressure, which once routinely hit 154/104. The target blood pressure is 120/80.

Checking blood pressure

Cleveland Clinic makes electronic medical records personal, more accessible

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