Other companies such as Merck and Teva have announced and even made some early investments.  Bio-Similars appear to have the makings of the next “generic” type of drug, not completely generic, but a drug with the same outcome at a cheaper price.  In other news today the company announced the elimination of 900 positions, mostly sales.  image Recently the company invested in a hospital television network. 

Generic biotech drugs discussed in Congress – Bio Similars

Here Come the Bio Similar Drugs – Bill in Congress to allow Follow Me Provisions for the FDA

We still don’t have a real clear ruling with laws on the bio similars or follow me drugs yet.  BD 

WASHINGTON -(Dow Jones)- A Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) policy director on Tuesday said the health-care conglomerate doesn't have plans to get into the " biosimilars" market, but didn't rule out doing so in the future.

The New Jersey-based company has had success with biologics, complex and expensive medicines derived from living organisms. But it doesn't currently have plans to enter the market for biosimilars, which are cheaper, generic-like versions of biologics, said Audrey Phillips, an executive director of public policy for J&J.

J&J's moves differ from those of other pharmaceutical companies. Merck & Co. ( MRK) has created a new division to launch biosimilars, and Eli Lilly & Co. (LLY) has said it would consider entering that market

J&J: Co Doesn't Have Plans To Enter 'Biosimilars' Market

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