Hard Hat Area:  Oracle also has the desktop virtualization product from the Sun purchase called Virtual Box, which I have used quite a bit for some of my virtual imagedrives.  Virtual Iron though is set to compete with some of the other heavy weights in virtual servers and is less expensive than another long time company, VMware.

The site has a comparison page where by you can look at how it stacks up with Citrix, VMware and Microsoft.  With this purchase, Oracle is certainly not going to be hurting for any lack of virtual technology and they also have their own.   It appears that Oracle is pacing itself to be a head on competitor with the likes of Microsoft through acquisitions as the possibilities keep growing.  The next move is marketing and branding as well as leveraging the clouds.  BD  image

Database giant Oracle (NASDAQ: ORCL) has scaled up its presence in Massachusetts—and placed itself in more direct competition with Hopkinton, MA-based EMC’s VMware subsidiary—by announcing its intention to acquire Virtual Iron, a maker of data center virtualization software in Lowell, MA.

Redwood Shores, CA-based Oracle already has its own virtualization technology, called Oracle VM. The software can be used to virtualize enterprise servers whether they’re running software from Oracle or other vendors. (Virtualization allows companies to run multiple applications on multiple operating systems on a single server, or to make multiple servers behave as if they’re a single machine. It’s been a hot corner of the enterprise software world for the last several years, because it helps companies exploit the capacity of their existing hardware and lower overall IT expenditures.)

Oracle to Buy Virtual Iron | Xconomy

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