He describes how he felt and about how he caught it from friends who had recently returned from Mexico, so it is airborne in the UK.  He had no imageidea he had the flu, just went to the doctor with not feeling well with a sore throat and fever.   He was surprised to get the call from the Health Department alerting him to the news that he had the Swine Flu.  BD  

An NHS clerical worker has become the first person in the UK to contract swine flu without having visited Mexico, tests have confirmed.

Graeme Pacitti, 24, of Falkirk, picked up the virus after contact with the UK's first cases Iain and Dawn Askham, the Scottish government said.

Meanwhile, the Health Protection Agency has confirmed two more cases in Merseyside and Gloucestershire.

A total of 642 possible cases are being investigated in the UK.

The Health Protection Agency said the latest confirmed UK cases were a woman from the Merseyside who recently returned from Mexico, and a person in south west England.

BBC NEWS | UK | Tests confirm flu transfer in UK

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