We certainly have had our cases of violence at hospitals here in the US by all means with shootings, etc.  The problem is global and impacts other countries as well.  Beating up the staff and breaking supplies is not the best way to handle this by any means, but when we have loved ones lost and perhaps a level of maybe not understanding treatment plans and conditions, emotions take over, could happen to anyone anywhere.  Just last week a patient pulled a knife on staff in a northern California hospital and then we had the shooting here in Long Beach not too long ago.  BD

Hyderabad, June 11: The Junior Doctors Association of the Gandhi Hospital in Hyderabad boycotted ‘out-patient duties’ and ‘elective surgeries’ yesterday, after they were attacked by the relatives of a woman patient who died in the hospital premises.

The violence ensued when the doctors declared Shahjahan Begum, hailing from Bahadurpura, dead at 1 a.m. on Wednesday. The woman died due to severe blood loss following a complicated pregnancy.

Violent relatives
Relatives of Shahjahan Begum ransacked the labor room and attacked the doctors. Some of the doctors were even slapped. Though the doctors claimed the woman died because of anemia, her relatives alleged she died due to doctor's negligence.

The angry kinfolk broke everything they could lay their hands on; saline bottles, stands and glass panes of the windows.

“We just did not know how to react. By the time we informed police about the mishap, the damage had already been done. They just came and beat us up,” said Dr. Abhilash, who treated the woman.

Doctors attacked in Hyderabad, go on strike | TheMedGuru

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