I have talked about devices, well now let’s enter the wearables.  If you like your LifeShirt enough you can even sleep with it.  Actually the imageshirt records data while you sleep so there is a purpose other than maybe just liking the fit.   Actually the data collected can render information related to diagnosing and treating sleep apnea.  Pharmaceutical companies are also using the shirt to help collect data during clinical trials.  Does this mean I’ll have a garment to reboot? (grin)

I wonder if they will be available in multiple colors soon?  Right now the targeted audience is research and development, but I’m sure it won’t be too long before these shirts start talking to personal health records too for consumers.  I would certainly want to know what my shirt has been talking about. 

From the website:

To assist healthcare providers with using this data to proactively intervene in a patient’s care, VivoMetrics® has partnered with another industry imageleader, OBS Medical, to incorporate their technology-award winning Visensia software as a predictive tool to improve patient care and safety and optimize clinical resources.

VivoMetrics® is a contributing member of the Continua Health Alliance, a coalition of telehealth providers committed to creating an interoperable system of personal telehealth solutions that aim to foster independence and empower people to better manage their health and wellness.

I have reported on some interesting devices, there’s a bra that will check your heart rate too, good for the gals, but maybe not of interest for the men. 

If you want to be a walking Wi-Fi detector, you can do that too.  Well maybe we can forget all the devices and have it all together in a shirt!  BD 

Ventura, Calif.-based VivoMetrics Inc., vendor of the LifeShirt wearable remote patient monitoring system, has announced the first complete prototype of its next-generation shirt.

The present 8-ounce garment is made of LYCRA embedded with sensors to collect respiratory, cardiopulmonary and other data from a patient wearing the device. It also can connect to various peripheral devices that measure blood pressure, oxygen saturation, temperature, leg movement and other parameters.

The device can transmit the data to the vendor's database for analysis.
The next-generation product will integrate all sensors into the garment, eliminating cables, wires and sticky electrodes. Improved processor technology will lengthen battery life and ease future upgrades, according to the vendor.

LifeShirt Vendor Readies Upgrades

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