Each day 1500 people can get a number to be seen, others who are turned away are encouraged to come back the next day as it is running for 8 days so chances of getting in might be good.  Gates open at midnight for those to wait until the Forum opens at 5:00 a.m., and yes it sure looks a lot different inside than it did when the Lakers played there.  Great program and helping many.  BD

Remote Area Medical Coming to Los Angeles – August 11-18th at the Forum


Wendell Potter - Join Me in L.A. at the Los Angeles RAM (Remote Access Medical) Event


The event, which will last for eight more days, was a visual testament to the health care crisis in Los Angeles County

Patients were cared for in 45 medical exam rooms, 75 dental chairs and 25 eye exam stations. Services included mammograms, PAP smears, x-rays, root canals and screening for chronic conditions. Referrals were made to local clinics and public hospitals.

On the floor of the arena, patients were sprawled out in dentist chairs while dozens of others sat in the stadium seats waiting to be called.

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Thousands line up for free dental, medical care - The Daily Breeze


  1. RAM is doing great work. For more info on the RAM•LA clinic, please visit: http://ramclinic.info/


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