This story keeps getting better all the time, almost like a soap opera of sorts as the series of events has had a little bit of everything as the plot imagethickens.  This has no reflection on the people and employees of the 4 hospitals, who are caught in the middle, wondering how future financing will continue.  There are guns, yachts, cars, and money all throughout the saga. 

What is interesting too is the fact that Mogel denied involvement and his own attorney found copies of emails he tried to delete from his computer, well not very smart if you want to hide all evidence with just putting in the recycle bin.  Even so, forensics do a very good job recovering information from computers that have not been wiped of all data through a number of runs.  If you had subscribed to any of the cell phone programs with the women in bikinis and they go away, well I guess you can figure out why. 

It is also interesting how the EMark Advertising company was built up on the web too, so everything is not always at it seems and perhaps Mr. Mogel was leading some kind of a secret second life?  Stay tuned as I’ll update when more information arrives.  BD 

A Tustin-based medical lender being investigated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for illegally skimming cash from investors also allegedly directed millions of dollars to an array of non-medical investments, including an Internet-porn spamming operation, a company that provides downloadable slideshows of bikini-clad women for cell phones, and a Newport Beach party yacht, the Weekly has learned.

As the Weekly previously reported (see “New Complications in the IHHI Saga,” July 30), both IHHI’s Mogel and MCH’s Lampariello took an interest in securing a $5 million loan for a company called EMark Advertising Inc., which specializes in pornographic website advertising imageand of which MCH holds a 50 percent ownership interest. In depositions attached to IHHI’s lawsuit against a group of doctors and IHHI shareholders called Orange County Physicians Investment Network (OCPIN), Mogel claimed he had no knowledge of this arrangement. However, his own attorneys later provided copies of e-mails Mogel had sought to delete from his computer that reveal he played a central role in funding EMark. The e-mails are mostly correspondence from Mogel to MCH officials concerning EMark but also include a lengthy list of pornographic websites such as, and

Hirschmann also happens to be CEO of an Internet-consulting company called Form Labs, which received $10,000 from IHHI thanks to the personal intervention of Mogel, despite the fact that IHHI already had another company performing the same work, according to court files.

OCPIN’s lawsuit against IHHI alleged that “Mogel used $10,000 of IHHI’s funds to arrange and pay for the black gloves and gun to be planted in Dr. Fitzgibbons’ vehicle, leading to his arrest.”

Orange County News - SEC Investigation of Medical Lender Sets Sail for a Party Yacht - page 1

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