Sometimes I feel like I keep everyone confused at times, so if I do that my apoimagelogies.  The reason for this post is to bring to light the fact that I have 2 search boxes on this site, not by design, but they both do different jobs in locating information.

The first Search box does an extensive relevancy by post title for articles that talk about the same company, devices, technology, etc. throughout my blog.  I have been doing this for about 3 years, so there’s a lot to search.  Be patient as it does a thorough scan.


Now for those like me that want things done fast, use the second search box.  This is lightening fast and the results will show directly beneath the search box.  I have taken advantage of Googles “add your own search engine” here for the Medical Quack.  For the example I entered the word diabetes and all my posts that reference diabetes appear.


I still have people asking me how to find certain articles on the blog, but they never use the search here, so when they ask, guess what I do, use my own search.  I see the same people go right to Google’s site and search, so it’s just one more step when it can be done here and a few less clicks.  If there are many articles, there’s a link to search even further at the bottom of the list. 

imageTo remove the search listing simply click on the “X” next to the word Search and it will scroll up and go away.  I have also added another search which will enable visitors to see what articles I link to, such as major publication that I used for my blog posts.  This makes it easy.  I hope this makes it easier to find past articles and I used this myself when looking to connect some dots on past posts too. 

In addition for a courtesy to other bloggers who are listed in my blogroll, I have another addition so you can find their articles on the related or same subject.  This search box is listed at the very bottom of the blog summary page and is listed under each individual article as many end up here with a search engine referral and see the only page only. 

imageHere is what you get on the first tab –articles that I have used as a reference.

The second tab gives you other bloggers who referenced and published about the same area of interest, some can be general but most get very specific to match what I have written about, this is neat and nice for other bloggers to gain some additional readers with the value in what they publish too.  The links open directly on their sites. 

When you are done, simple click on the “X” and you are back to the top of the Medical Quack.  If you forget how this works, I have a permanent link at the top of the site to help you out.  Check the other labels while you are there too such as the list of people who have been kind enough to talk with me with some occasional interview sessions here too! 


In addition, if you are perhaps interested in advertising at the Medical Quack the new formatting I have added also will allow for ads to be placed under each post that is read so your ad will be seen more than just on the main page resource column.  BD 

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