First of all if you are the biggest Medicaid prescriber I would expect more than 3 employees on staff.  In addition, they were not doctors and many charges were billed with patients not seen and when they were see, they were not physicians.  BDimage

Medicare Fraud – Criminals Do a Better Job With Filing Claims And Coding Than Providers

The problem with catching some of these folks is that they study the billing processes and bill better than real doctors, they know the data routine unfortunately.  BD

Sept. 7 (Bloomberg) -- The biggest prescriber of drugs for Medicaid patients in New Jersey ran a medical practice that used phony physicians to see patients, according to a Federal Bureau of Investigation arrest complaint.

Yousuf Masood, 46, billed Medicaid, the government insurance program for the poor and disabled, for thousands of visits by patients who either got no services or were seen by three employees who had no medical license and posed as doctors, according to the FBI complaint.

New Jersey Medicaid Doctor Used Non-MDs, FBI Says - BusinessWeek


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