They need to send this module over to Arizona to get those folks up to date and schooled on how to use reporting and formulas, aka those algorithms to make intelligent decisions.  Back to the humor side here, the program will automatically select a death program choice and will generate all the documentation for this, and again this is mocking how the IT illiterate out there don’t know how to use reporting with ethics and how to analyze reports and further more look at their sources for reports.  Last month Extormity created the all so useful Medicare Fraud modules so they are keeping everyone up to date on the most current technologies in healthcare <grin>.

The end of life scratch off cards pretty much symbolizes the marketing we have today in healthcare being to the absolute point of being less than professional and how absurd some of this gets to be with using technology to run smoking mirrors past both doctors and the patients and how some are furthering this philosophy of creating nothing but total confusion and less care and ethics for the patients. 

Extormity EHR Launches Medicare Fraud Module (Humor) Up Coding Made Simple

If the current day marketing continues in the vain we are seeing, then Extormity should have a ton load of takers real soon with all their “Seedie” certified products. BD  

Gargantuan electronic health record vendor Extormity has announced the availability of a new module focused on helping patients select an end-of-life care protocol.

“While the talk about death panels was revealed to be alarmist rhetoric, the overwhelming response indicated an opportunity for Extormity to profit from the anguish surrounding this topic,” said Extormity CEO Brantley Whittington. “We talked to physicians who complained that absent meaningful reimbursement for end-of-life counseling, taking the time to guide patients through this difficult decision making process makes little economic sense.”

The new Extormity module serves as a virtual death panel modeled after an online slot machine. During an encounter, patients are able to click on a “Play” button in the EHR that will randomly select an end-of-life plan and generate applicable documentation — saving the physician valuable time and shifting responsibility to patients.

For example, one of the plans launches a Simon Cowell avatar who announces (in a British accent) “I hope you go somewhere nice in the afterlife, because you are definitely not going to Hollywood.” The Extormity EHR then prints out a Do Not Resuscitate order.

“Extormity has taken electronic patient engagement to the next level, capitalizing on the popularity of online and electronic gaming applications,” added Whittington. “And for those patients who are intimidated by technology, we are also offering end-of-life scratch-off cards.”

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Extormity Alerts - Extormity launches Medicare Fraud Module


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