At CES in Las Vegas this week there were all kinds of new devices shown and imagesome will make it and some won’t but this one looks like a winner.  You may have already read about the Withings blue tooth and WiFi Scale at the Quack and now they are adding on the Iphone/Ipad connection for taking your blood pressure.

Just like the scale, you can also have our blood pressure readings sent to your PHR, Google Health and HealthVault.  This is getting pretty good with the basics going right into a PHR with blood pressure and weight. 

Withings WiFi Connected Body Scale Integrates with Microsoft HealthVault To Use WiFi to Record Your Weight


Here’s a video from CES that shows how it works with an Ipad and again it works with an Iphone and an IPod too. The cost will be $129.00 for the device and the software is free and can be downloaded soon at the app store.  BD

The device is made for iOS devices (iPhones, iPods and iPads). You imagewrap the monitor around your arm and connect it via wire to your iPhone. The free app records you heart rate and blood pressure and then transmits your measurements to your online health book. You can look at the pattern of your readings graphically over a period of time. Then you can compare them with recommended World Health Organization readings. The device is accurate to plus or minus 5 percent on pulse and plus or minus 2 percent on blood pressure.

The whole point of such devices is that they can use the internet to take a dumb device and turn it into a smart one. If you add sensors, the imageinternet, and data analysis to an ordinary device, you get something that is worth a product upgrade, says Sean Dubravac, an analyst at the Consumer Electronics Association. The device operates on four triple A batteries.

Smart blood-pressure monitor reports your readings to iPhone (video) | VentureBeat


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