This is an interesting product and it connects to PHRs like HealthVault and there are imageall types of analytics included for both patient and doctor use.  I read through the website and the results go directly to a website and so my questions here are privacy with selling data.  According to what I read the meter is free and uses normal and customary glucose strips, etc. that are normally covered but the device is free, so how do they make money?  The first thought that comes to mind is either by selling data or insurer reimbursement and I didn’t see any statements to reflect either other than the fact that with someone under 13 years old would be somewhat exempt? 

You can have results sent to family members, etc. and reminder and other types of notices are provided, i.e. a high reading etc.  In addition to the mobile app it appears that glucose is getting social with who one decides to share their information with.  If a provider were to use I would certainly hope that it would go directly to a medical record as this is the issue today with so many apps out there that doctors are pressed for time as it is much less had a full battery of apps to monitor.  BD 

Telcare, Inc., an exhibitor at this year's annual meeting of the American Association of Diabetes Educators, has just received clearance from the imageUS Food and Drug Administration to market the Telcare BGM, the first cellular-enabled glucose meter, combined with an FDA-cleared database (Telserve) to aid in the management of diabetes. The device allows patients to transmit their blood glucose readings to caregivers and family members, and receive immediate coaching and clinical feedback relayed to the screen of the glucose meter. The patient does not have to take any additional steps to transmit the data and the cost of the wireless connectivity is included in the price of the device and its accompanying test strips. Thus, users will have a much richer clinical experience at no additional cost when compared to standard glucose meters.image

The Telcare glucose meter aims to bridge the last mile between patient and caregiver. Real time information is transmitted to the electronic medical record, personal health records, such as Microsoft Health Vault, and a variety of smartphone apps designed to connect patients to family members and to each other. While other marketplace solutions have relied on Bluetooth transmission to cellphones, connections of glucose meters to personal computers and cradles, or requiring the patient to manually enter results into a phone app, Telcare's solution requires no additional steps on the part of the patient.

Telcare's First-in-class mHealth Connected Glucose Meter Cleared by FDA |


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