Can you put a price on good health? How about $1,500 a year?

That is what doctors Arnold Goldstein and Barbara Shonberg will charge patients in their longtime Middletown internal medicine practice starting next month. The membership fee isn't the only change patients can expect, either.

The Bucks County doctors are joining a small, but growing number of colleagues nationwide who are practicing concierge — or fee-for-access —medicine in an effort to return to the days where patients came before paperwork.

Patients who pay the retainer get enhanced services or amenities such as cell phone numbers for doctors, same day appointments for non-urgent care, personalized lifestyle improvement plans, and a CD with up-to-date, personal health data including test results and X-rays.

The U.S. Health and Human Services Department has concluded that as long as the fee clearly covers services Medicare doesn't, they don't violate the law.

Source:  $1,500 price tag on your health ( | Local Business


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