What a week it has been so far as well as last week as well.  It is worrisome as to what the American Public perceives today as a “real” value and it’s not their fault for the “Perception-Deception” mania that is filling the news waves and causing folks to create and follow fake grass root campaigns.  There’s so many of them anymore that you can’t tell the difference between fake and real.  I write about this quite often as to me being a former code writer, it’s as clear as day but others it is not.  Folks who know how write code and create math models know the power of manipulation behind it, and they can do good things or they can manipulate spurious correlations for profit.  We sit it every day.  I see it coming straight out of the White House sadly with this addiction our government has to being “Stat Rats” with a bad case of “Stat Rat Fever”.  It’s how big business has groomedimage everyone to believe in stats, no matter what they are. 

First off I don’t have a problem with Climate Control and measure that need to come into play but I do have a problem seeing the White House predict numbers to make case that nobody can predict as they are shooting themselves in the foot and make themselves look less credible and that’s no way to get success from a campaign of such.  You can’t predict how many will die, get heart disease, asthma attacks and yet why do I see that?  This is the government who I expect more from, but here’s a link below from last year with the same type of “Stat Rat Fever” tone and it bugs me as Nobody can predict these numbers as much as they think they can.  One has to wonder are we back to the Gruber deal about calling the public stupid again?  Oh well…

Junk Science Appearing Everywhere, Even The White House “PR Templated” Correspondence Creates Spurious Correlations…

If you look around you are starting to see the folks caught up in “Stat Rat Fever” beginning to panic as they seem to be finding out there’s more to the real world than just meeting stat goals.  Some of these goals out there are just about impossible as they were built by people with “perceptions” on how they think things work, so a model gets built and in time it fails.  There’s no model that’s going to last forever either as they have to change with the times.  I don’t think our Congress gets this as the laws they pass they assume are to be permanent, but that’s not the case anymore.  As a matter of fact I have harped on this many times for them to restore the Office of Technology Assessment to get some help in understanding how this works.  They refuse to fund it and we live in the most complicated times ever and they continue to fool themselves and hurt us over and over due to once again “Perception-Deception”.  It’s everywhere.

Bill To Restore Office of Technology Assessment Was Defeated Again This Year As Congress Chooses to Remain In the Dark With Technology At A Time When Private Industry Is Doing Just the Opposite - “The Grays” Live On…

Here’s a good book to read that helps explain what is real and what is not with how you get fooled over and over on the web.  If you scroll down to the bottom of this blog there’s what I call 4 essential videos that will help you make some sense of what’s going on out there.  We have a government that can’t even come to terms with the fact the the Affordable Care Act is largely run by the machines, even though they built it..scary indeed. 

“Virtual Unreality” - Maybe A Good Read After the Fake Facebook “Science” Report To Help You Figure Out What’s A Virtual Value and What’s A Real Value Out There

Consumers are taking a real hosing today, and I call it “Code Hosing” as we have this obnoxious system of wanting to quantitate and score everything and everybody, but you know what, people don’t work that way.  Here’s a short clip from former Goldman Sachs Quant and author of a few books that tells you how models can cheat and behave badly.  He’s on our side if you will.  Video # 2 in the footer, is the full version documentary “The Quants of Wall Street” and they tell you the same thing about virtual values and the real world.  Mike Osinski is especially interesting to listen to in the video since he wrote the software that all banks used and abused for the mortgage scam.  “In software you can do something about anything and you end up in this virtual world but it’s the real world that counts, not living in a fantasy world of code”…

Here’s a post I wrote over a year ago and republished it with a few updated edits, again to me it’s crystal clear on the failure of data mechanics logic with people.  We’re not algos being shifted through some stock exchange; however, that’s almost what the healthcare system is trying to to, “Stat Rat Fever”.  I’m all in for technologies that help in healthcare and breakthrough drugs, etc. but it’s not working that way for the American public. 

Virtual World Values and The Real World, We Have A Big Problem: People Can’t Tell the Difference Anymore as Perceptual Madness Grows to Further Accelerate Inequality…

If you want more, there’s quite a few videos at the Attack of the Killer Algorithms page and you can book mark it and go back and watch when you have time as these are some people I learn from and they are smarter than me too.  Give it a chance and learn up as all the hope and prayers you may have, sadly to say won’t defy physics and the algorithms that are running the world.  Know what’s on the other side.  I can only put them out there and can’t change your perceptions but this is fact if you’re ready for it versus a fairy tale or some Algo Fairy stories.  We had enough of that with Kathleen Sebelius as head of HHS, so much that I created a name for it with the “Perception-Deception”..the Sebelius Syndrome and it lives everywhere, at the SEC, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and more. 

Attack of the Killer Algorithms (Videos)

America is not America anymore as the horrific “scoring” of consumers that we experience is making everyone mad whether they know it or not but you don’t have opportunities like you used to.  Instead you have this huge number of “scores” that say “you can’t do that” or it’s your fault..”the score says”.   I know we have to have some qualifiers around but it’s gone way over the top and that’s what Quants will do when they get out of control.  If you have never been on the development or coding side of life, you’re always trying to make something better and you don’t take time as a developer to talk to the real world in your efforts you become completely detached from it.  I’ve seen it happen and experienced a little bit myself as it goes with the territory and people think they are better than you “because they can code”.  Everybody does not need to code and we have to not take advantage and code hose the consumers in this country who are doing something else in life. 

It’s easier to keep fooling people than it is to convince them they have been fooled…words from Mark Twain and I think I can attest to that as I try my best to put the real world forward as I’ve live on two sides, in sales and marketing and as a coder so the two kick around in my brain and that’s what gives me a sense of what I call data mechanics logic.  I understand the coding process and then my brain switches over to think of how it will be used and marketed.  It hasn’t failed me yet.  Actually back in 2009 I was scared half to death as when Sebelius and Deparle were brought in I knew the accelerated coding and math models of insurers would run them over and they did, as both had big cases of “Perception-Deception”.  DeParle left early when things got tough and told us she has more fun with private equity and now sits on the board at CVS raking in a lot of money.  So here you go, Perception-Deception and choosing what you want may not always be the truth.  Again, hope and pray all you want, and there’s nothing wrong with that either, but don’t expect any of that to undo what the machines are doing algorithmically, it won’t happen. 

Privacy Duping of America-The Intangible Threat Model Has Changed Significantly-Companies Hide The Code On the Web, $180 Billion Dollar A Year Business, Welcome to The Duperville World of Inequality..

So now at the end we the perceptual madness of a flag.  It’s sad to see the likes of Wal-Mart getting involved here as it’s political.  They want attention and when you think back to the big CVS dupe, same thing. CVS jerks you around with or without cigarettes and nothing changed so the “symbols” are a distraction so the machines and new code continue to run.  It’s that simple so we may get rid of the Confederate flag but it’s down to “Perception-Deception” again and the Scoring of American with algorithmic processes that tag numbers on your head, denying you access with “secret scores” continues.  Look at how blatant Express Scripts is with their spurious correlations, made an infographic and proud of their spurious stuff as the public is fooled and they make money.  They all sell your data too and don’t care if it’s correct or not as bad data gets the same price as good data.  Here’s CVS announcing “we’re selling your secret scores” that of course you can’t have or see.  If you are not paying attention, you’re living in Duperville, sadly. image

CVS to Share More Medication Adherence Love With New Contracts–Will Have More Data to Sell…

Look on the web too with our government leaders just running around posting a lot of selfies, and what’s up with that?  I think they do a lot of that when they are overwhelmed and they too suffer Perception-Deception.  I just think they’re kind of nuts myself but again what it is in the virtual world values, a selfie, a flag..what are you doing with all these fake grass root campaigns that change nothing.  I know they are a good way to vent and relieve some frustration but in the long run, that’s about all we get from all of it. 

Anyway as I always try to do is encourage people to look at both sides and don’t be duped if you can avoid it.  It’s not a nice world out there and we get almost next to nothing with any support from the government these days.  They can’t create jobs here and can’t model what’s needed as again this disease of “Perception-Deception” lives on and nothing gets done.  We may rid the US of the Confederate flag, an object but when you look back at what was really accomplished…said to say it will once again be a lot “nothing”.  The country is just selling us down the river as they too suffer big from “Perception-Deception” and just can’t do a damn thing with the exception of maybe promoting more “Stat Rat Fever”, and that’s about all I see anyway.  BD 

Privacy Duping of America-The Intangible Threat Model Has Changed Significantly-Companies Hide The Code On the Web, $180 Billion Dollar A Year Business, Welcome to The Duperville World of Inequality..


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