In view of the recent story this week, this could be a potential replacement for creams that contain drugs to reduce swelling and pain.  BD

BioElectronics is the developer and marketer of  ActiPatch™ medical devices which deliver pulsed electromagnetic frequency (PEMF) therapies to accelerate healing of soft tissue injuries. A reduction of pain and swelling allows patients to return to normal activities much sooner. This patented technology is based on clinically proven, widely accepted PEMF therapy.

The Company's ActiPatch is a drug-free, painless, pulsed energy patch. The ActiPatch has FDA clearance for the treatment of edema following blepharoplasty.

We deliver a solution that:

  • Provides continuous treatment
  • Is easy to use
  • Is safe
  • Is affordable
  • Provides localized, non-systemic treatment
  • Is lightweight

ActiPatch is not:
  • Not A Magnet - ActiPatch delivers a pulsed electromagnetic field.
  • Not Heat Therapy - ActiPatch is heat free, not a diathermy unit.
  • Not A TENS Unit - Unlike TENS, PEMF does not deliver an electrical current through the body to block pain.
  • Not A Pharmaceutical - ActiPatch in not ingested or injected and is not systemic.
  • Not An Office Based Therapy - ActiPatch can be worn in the comfort of the patient's home.
  • Not A Bone Growth Stimulator - ActiPatch is delivers a low power pulse and is not designed to heal hard tissue (bone).

Source:  BioElectronics: Home


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