This is everybody's nightmare and the CEO had his identity stolen as well.  It makes you wonder why the IT staff didn't report this immediately or if other management advised against making the report immediately.  BD

Concord Hospital CEO Mike Green discovered that his identity had been stolen when the police told him that someone was trying to buy a motorcycle on credit in his name. The theft jeopardized Green's plan to refinance a mortgage and took six weeks to straighten out. He was lucky. Reclaiming one's identity and cleaning up credit reports can take months or years.

Last Saturday, more than 9,000 Concord Hospital patients learned that they face an increased risk of identity theft due to a security breach on the part of Verus, the company that does the hospital's online billing. That risk may be greater because the hospital waited 10 days to notify the attorney general's office and 11 days to contact by letter those whose names, addresses and Social Security numbers were available online for six weeks.

That was a mistake.

Source:  Hospital slow to warn of security breach - A Concord Monitor Article - Your News Source - Concord NH 03301


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