This includes both tests...FDA approved and home page offers advertised availability.  BD

A new at-home screening test, called Fertell, lets couples find out if they have fertility problems without stepping into a doctor’s office. The test has his and hers components — a screening test for men that is the first at-home device to measure the concentration of motile sperm, and a test for women that measures a hormone considered a marker of egg quality.

The availability of the two-in-one test helps drive home the message that both men and women can contribute to infertility, experts say.

“It takes two to have a baby, as silly as that sounds,” said Dr. Harry Fisch, director of the Male Reproductive Center at New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center, who does not have a financial relationship with the maker of the test, Genosis Inc.

The test results could give couples early warning that they should see a doctor, Dr. Fisch said. “Couples often don’t appreciate this,” he said. “So many times the woman goes through all these tests, and the guy doesn’t even have a semen analysis.”

The test for the male requires a semen sample; it assesses the ability of sperm to swim through a solution similar to cervical mucus, as well as the number able to do so, said Dr. Keith B. Isaacson, an associate professor of obstetrics, gynecology and reproductive biology at Harvard Medical School who is on the board of medical advisers at Genosis. Results are available in 80 minutes.

Source:  Men Can Now Have At-Home Fertility Screening - New York Times



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