SACRAMENTO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--As part of its ongoing commitment to bring breakthrough medical advancements to residents of Elk Grove and the greater Sacramento area, Methodist Hospital has become the first hospital in the United States to offer custom fit total knee replacement with OtisKnee(TM). Using OtisKnee, orthopedic surgeons can for the first time precisely match the size and placement of the implant to the patient's unique and normal (non-arthritic) knee anatomy.

The custom fit total knee replacement is achieved in a few steps, before and during surgery. Prior to surgery, an MRI is performed to take very precise measurements of the patient's arthritic knee. Second, proprietary computer software creates a 3-D image of that knee, and then virtually corrects the deformity to return the knee to its pre-arthritic state. Third, a computerized 3-D image of the implant to be used in the patient's surgery is then Shape-Matched(TM) to the anatomically correct virtual knee model. This helps determine the correct implant size and placement, based on the patient's own normal (non-arthritic) knee anatomy. Last, using all of this information, special cutting guides are created for the surgeon to use during the procedure. These patient-specific cutting guides, which are accurate to within a few millimeters, indicate to the surgeon exactly where to make bone cuts so that the knee replacement is customized for the individual patient.

Methodist Hospital Is First in United States to Offer 'Custom Fit' Total Knee Replacement: Financial News - Yahoo! Finance


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