The California Medical Association joined the American Medical Association in renewing its call for fiscal neutrality between Medicare Advantage HMOs and traditional Medicare, pointing out the gross inequity in payments between the two Medicare programs.

"There is no advantage to Medicare Advantage. Patients have been led to believe that if they pay to be in these for-profit, HMO-run programs, they will have access to more physicians and get better access to care. That is simply not the case," said Anmol S. Mahal, M.D., president of the CMA. "The government should not be subsidizing for-profit health insurance companies."
Medicare HMOs are paid, on average, 12% more than traditional fee-for-service physicians under Medicare. In some cases, the rates are up to 150% of what Medicare fee-for service physicians are paid.

CMA Calls For Parity In Funding Of Medicare


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