More patients needing to perhaps change physicians in the midst...sad that seniors were caught in the middle.....Medicare cited the plan was not meeting federal standards..BD

Federal officials Friday terminated Medicare health insurance plans run by America's Health Choice in Florida because of delays and denials of medical care, the first termination ever made for poor health coverage.
The Vero Beach company has about 12,000 members in seven Florida counties, including 3,600 in Broward and Palm Beach counties, said Abby Block, director of Medicare's Center for Beneficiary Choice. All members were switched automatically into another health plan, Secure Horizons.

Seniors in the health plans received letters Friday explaining they were moved to Secure Horizons, a subsidiary of United Healthcare that Block said was chosen because its costs and benefits were closest to AHC plans.
Secure Horizons will cover seniors' medical bills at AHC prices until Sept. 30. Members have until then to switch to any other health plan or back to regular Medicare. Coverage for members will continue seamlessly, Block said.

This is not AHC's first run-in with Medicare. In August 2005, the government temporarily banned the company from taking new customers or advertising, saying its doctor and hospital networks, grievance procedures, quality assurance plan and claims systems did not meet federal standards at the time.

Feds shut down HMO's plans for seniors -- South Florida


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