"CardOS is a flexible platform for customized smart card-enabled solutions, tailored to the individual customer’s needs. Apart from authentication functions in networks, it also supports encryption and digital signing of sensitive data and e-mails."....it also interfaces with many e-health solutions...easy for patients to use and good for emergency situations as well...update on the tests in Germany....we could use something along this one here...once we are less fragmented...BD 

During the ongoing "10.000er-Tests" for the electronic health card in Germany, more than 80 percent of all participating hospitals, doctors' offices and pharmacies in the test regions are using the CardOS HealthCare Connector from Siemens Healthcare.image

The overall "connector" system typically consists of two components: the application connector and the network connector. The application connector controls electronic processes in healthcare with the use of electronic health cards, healthcare professional cards, and card terminals in doctors' offices, pharmacies, and clinics. The network connector handles and monitors the complete data exchange process with the telematic infrastructure. The current test phase analyzes the capability of the health card to update the health insurance data of patients in real time prior to reading the data into the computer system of a doctor's office.

Siemens Is The Technology And Market Leader For Connectors Associated With The Electronic Health Card


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