If you have not found EHR Television, (EHRtv.com) take a moment and check it out.  I met Dr. Fishman last year at HIMMS, as well as Dr. Winn from e-imageMDs.  The video is one example of many done by Dr. Fishman, who has had a website for a number of years called EMR Consultant to offer free help and assistance for physicians looking to purchase software for medical records.  The related reading below has a couple older posts.  

In addition, you can also purchase Dragon Medical through a link on the site and there’s a separate area whereby you can purchase and download imagemedical macros for Dragon Medical.

From the website:

In order to improve the quality and lower the cost of healthcare, physicians must become educated in healthcare information technology.  Unfortunately, HIT  is extremely complex and until now there was no single location that provided a comprehensive set of information for practicing physicians, office administrators and CIOs.

EHRtv.com was established to inform the medical community about the EHR and PHR Industries, as well as to inform the general public about Personal Health Records.

Interview with Dr. Winn…click on any image to connect and view the video.

Dr. Winn is actually gracious enough to say his code was ugly when he wrote his initial program many years ago, and being I used to write code, I had plenty of ugly stuff too, but it’s another thing to admit it (grin).  Dr. Winn is a physician and the company is pretty much works from the influence imagefrom a physicians 'point of view.   The influence enables a medical records program that is accepted and the type of program physicians prefer and like to use.  In the interview the new web based product, Razor is discussed to be released later this year.  

At HIMSS09  E-MDs founder, Dr. David Winn speaks with Eric S. Fishman, MD of EHRtv.com about the origination of e-MDs. Dr. Winn also discusses the strengths of the e-MDs solution.


image image

As mentioned in the video, Dr. Winn has turned over the reigns to Dr. Michael Stearns as President and CEO, and perhaps now has a little more time for the theater project, a master piece entertainment room, but as you see he is still very active with the company as Chairman of the Board.  This is not part of Dr. Fishman’s site, but rather an additional video for this post and worth the tour!  BD 


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