The adipose tissue is taken from the patient using a minor liposuction-like procedure, placed into the system and, with the touch of a button, the processing begins.  The administered cells are extracted and concentrated from the patients' own tissue using Cytori's Celution™ System.

About an hour later, following a tissue wash, cell separation and concentration by the Celution™ System, a prescribed dose of regenerative cells are be delivered back to the patient.  This process is primary for patients with breast cancer to be used to restore tissue after surgery.  It is not FDA approved for use in the US yet and most of the procedures have been done in Japan to date.  It certainly looks promising.  BD

Stem Cells and Breast Surgery

San Diego’s Cytori Therapeutics (NASDAQ: CYTX) said today it has expanded its partnership agreement with GE Healthcare, a unit of General Electric, in which GE Healthcare will commercialize Cytori’s proprietary stem cell technology in North America. No financial terms were disclosed. Under a previous deal in January, GE agreed to commercialize Cytori’s products in ten European countries. In a separate announcement yesterday, Cytori said it reached an agreement to raise $4.2 million through a private investment in a public entity. The company, specializes in cosmetic stem cell technologies.

From the website:

Cytori Therapeutics is a global leader in regenerative medicine.

In the US, Cytori has developed technology to assist the physician in reconstructive and aesthetic surgery procedures. Our key technology is the Celution® 700 system that prepares an autologous tissue graft for delivery back to the patient in the same surgical procedure. This innovative technology is under review by the US Food and Drug Administration but is not available today in the US.


Internationally, Cytori’s technology is commercially available today in many countries in Europe and Asia through our offices in Japan, Italy or our global distribution partners. In addition, Cytori is currently investigating the use of our technology for many indications beyond reconstructive and aesthetic surgery.


Cytori also has begun development of its U.S. Celution™ System, designed to process a patient's own blood cells. The company wants to begin investigating potential applications for these cells in the future to enhance its product pipeline.

Cytori Expands GE Partnership; Raises More Cash | Xconomy

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