The information on prescriptions may not hold a lot of merit for a monetary return; however, additional information compromised could, such as imagesocial security numbers as well as credit card accounts.  

There are a couple of firms who have been buying this type of prescription information and selling it to insurance companies for a number of years through pharmacy benefit manager data bases. 

Prescriptions risk score used to deny health insurance

Sorry, folks, but it’s true: You are for sale

Is there a market to pay the ransom?  Good question here and I think more interest will be focused on the crime of breaching itself.  This makes me tend to think that the hacker is maybe outside of healthcare as it relates to the demands.  On the other hand, will security breaches finally make the case for consumers to utilize personal health records?  BD 

The Hackers Could Possibly push the move for PHRs – Medical Records Hacked in Virginia Department of Health Professions computers

So hackers have stolen the state of Virginia's pharmaceutical records and want $10 million to give them back. The hackers have threatened to sell the data if they don't get the ransom.

Hollywood makes hackers out to be some sort of evil geniuses but these guys sound pretty dim. Stealing prescription records? Who would even want that information? What would someone do with it? Most of us already get plenty of spam for "Ci@li$" without our personal medical info bouncing around the Internet.

“Still, someone must think there's a market for this stuff and $10 million is nothing to sneeze at.

I'm a Hacker, Give Me Money - John Kelly's Commons - A digital conversation with Post columnist John Kelly

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