This business intelligence system appears to be growing rapidly.  As you can read below, the software was developed by physicians and has been acquired by The Advisory Board.  The Advisory Board has several areas of expertise with various types of studies and information on how to improveimage performance and keep the cost down.  I see in the comments below too one of the local Los Angeles hospitals is sold on it. 

Crimson is a web-based physician profiling application, including best-practice performance improvement.  Patient billing, cost accounting, clinical information systems, data reporting software, and care management databases are aggregated and presented in a “dashboard” application whereby the performance of the physician can be analyzed and compared with peers.  It can allow for projecting length of stays for patients and along with other information available to analyze, it can bring in pay for performance incentives where applicable.  Business Intelligence is big and useful information for hospitals and now at the physician level it is down to the individual performance charting and data.  Even peer reviews are on the move to being paperless as well.  BD

Peer Reviews at Hospital going Paperless – Pilot program

WASHINGTON, Sept. 9 /PRNewswire/ -- The Advisory Board Company's CRIMSON Initiative welcomes Baptist Health South Florida, a multi-hospital system based in Coral Gables, to a 100-strong cohort of health systems, including Baylor Health Care System, Cleveland Clinic, Intermountain Health Care, Inc., Memorial Hermann Healthcare System, OSF Healthcare System and Robert Wood Johnson Health System. These member health systems use the web-based CRIMSON physician profiling application to increase physician performance data transparency and reduce care variance.

CRIMSON Software, Inc. was founded in 2003 in Austin, Texas in close collaboration with early hospital partners who helped refine the tool for maximum physician appeal, with the goal of improving physician performance through automating the compilation and presentation of physician performance data. One key initial collaborator, Houston-based Memorial Hermann Healthcare System, a National Quality Forum national quality award winner specifically cited for the degree to which they have embraced transparency in performance to date with their medical staff, realized savings of $3.7 million, or $358 per admission within 18 months of using CRIMSON.

"If I had the ear of President Obama, I would tell him that we need two things, a national fishing holiday and the CRIMSON application. CRIMSON provides the strategic pillars for moving a company forward. CRIMSON is a diamond in the rough," said Jeff A. Nelson, Chief Executive Officer, Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA.

In its new case study, Unlocking Physician Performance Data in an Era of Reform, the CRIMSON Initiative highlights cost savings and quality gains at four member hospitals - The CRIMSON Initiative - the First Physician Performance Data Management Platform Developed By Physicians For Physicians - is Now Working With Over 200 Hospitals and Over 25,000 Doctors


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