This has probably been the roughest time for any President to endure, and we are only a few months into his term, but tonight was his night to imagespeak and it was done brilliantly, with control and confidence.  We had the rude interruption of the Representative from South Carolina, which I’m sure may even be bigger news tomorrow once it hits all the talk shows.

What I saw this evening was a person with confidence and a passion, speaking from the heart with first hand experience.  Healthcare is personal to the President as we have heard, he witnessed the grief and strife with his own mother on her dying bed, fighting insurance companies.  There’s no substitute for first hand experience, you don’t forget, so there are others who may not share this passion as they have not experienced what it is like to be in need of care and worry about whether or not you will receive care, based on if you can afford it or not. 

You almost sometimes get the feeling when you hear others speak that they are trying to hide or cover up what is really happening, or just sitting in plain denial, but not our President, we have the real McCoy here. 

He is a smart, intelligent man, believes in technology and is faced with more of it than anyone one else in office has ever experienced and it’s a constant flow that changes every day.   Nobody will be 100% happy with any plan, but as he said to do nothing is worse.  He spoke strongly and convicted to the cause.  This is not a war in some other country where spending money is concerned, it is right here.  These are just my own observations with my perception, but body language says a lot and he’s got the knowledge no doubt and it made those in the “peanut gallery” holding up paper look, well, somewhat small and a bit behind (where were their BlackBerries).   Teamwork is a priority and that was mentioned in more than one way, even to giving John McCain credit for one of his ideas.   The human side is there and not forgotten, unlike we see so often today with greed and profits being prioritized. 

Smart people work this way, they listen and to give the speech he gave tonight, there’s been an extreme amount of listening and research, otherwise it would not have come off as so well given.  One of my favorite posts I have on the blog relative to the Executive Office is the one below, the promising new start up of 2009.  When you stop and think of all the catching up that has to be done throughout government, there’s a lot of work to be done.

Promising new startup of 2009 - Executive branch of the US federal Government

He hung to that BlackBerry, a symbol of “I’m going to lead with technology” and take us out of the dark ages.  Protocols are new and they work with the times we live in and the goals for transparency are set.  People get nervous around smart people too and we saw some of that unfortunately during the speech with one who could not contain himself, but the challenge to those is to catch up, as if you put forth the effort to also listen and learn, you can have it too.  Nobody knows it all today and the key is teamwork and that message was as strong as it could be.  It was all over Twitter tonight too, we were all very proud of our President!  BD 

In a joint speech to Congress heralded as vital to his push for a health care overhaul, Obama offered his most detailed outline for legislation while challenging Republican opponents to build on issues of agreement rather than play politics to exploit differences.

Obama calls for Congress to face health care challenge -


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