Healthcare today is not a huge part of the Cox revenue structure, but they say it’s going to be, again back to those devices reporting data is where the market will be.  You’re wired, I’m wired, we all will be wired to some degree it appears, and there’s a ton of devices either here today or showing up tomorrow to choose from.  Cox can do the wiring but we still need to ask and know where the data is going, where it is stored, and who has access, and be wary of waivers and disclosures as again we have little or no laws in place for protection here.  BD  image

Cox Communications Inc. expects to generate $2 billion annually from selling high-speed Internet, phone and video service to commercial customers within six years, and the company expects that most of that revenue will eventually come from the health care industry, a top executive said in New York City today.
“Cable can help cure some of the ills of the healthcare industry,” Cox Business vice president Phil Meeks said at a Light Reading conference on the Future of Cable Business Services. “I am convinced that technology not only can but will transform the way we do business in the health care space.”

With about 50 percent of the U.S. population projected to be 50 years or older by 2040, Cox is looking to profit by wiring hospitals, local doctors offices and consumer homes for remote health care services, Meeks said. The home healthcare sector will also be driven by economic stimulus packages from the federal government, which call for the digitization of healthcare records.
“That’s a huge development for companies like Cox. Once these medical records are digitized, it opens up whole new worlds,” he added.

Cox Eyes Revenue from Healthcare :: Communications Technology


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