For the health provider, self serve kiosk are a huge time saver.  When you stop and think of the fact that someone will need to enter the information somewhere along the line.  Also, it’s been noted that patients have a tendency to be a little more honest and image detailed with the kiosk instead of face to face.  Yes, that will be there too when you meet with the physician, but they also have time to read up before your visit.  All the way around the kiosk is becoming a winner in health care.  Even if the physician is using some type of electronic medical records, this information can go into the the file as a “chief complaint”, thus saving both the patient and physician time and a potential higher level of accuracy.  BD

SUSIE GHARIB: It's no secret the health care industry doesn't always have the best customer service. But at a time when hospitals and clinics are struggling for profits, many are improving the patient experience to improve their bottom lines. As Jeff Yastine reports in tonight's "Bill of Health," self service could be coming to a hospital near you.

Nightly Business Report . "Bill of Health"-Self Service in the ER | PBS


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