Keynote was given yesterday by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger…and what California is doing to promote.  The biotech industries have what everyone else wants, potential cures, research, etc. and the states are vying to attract more of them with incentives, tax cuts, etc.  California and Massachusetts are definitely the 2 in the front running when it comes to overall companies and promotional incentives.  Biotech is having a major influence in almost every part of our every day life and the breakthroughs and research is almost a daily event.  BD  image

Everywhere you look at the world's biggest biotech show here this week, politicians and economic development officials are fighting for the attention of industry executives. At least a dozen governors planned to attend the Biotechnology Industry Organization show. The convention floor is crowded with more than 60 pavilions run by states, nations, and regions, ranging from Oklahoma to Spain.

"I think our ability to attract and retain the best and brightest talent in the world is being challenged by other parts of the world," said Matthew Gardner, president of BayBio, which represents Northern California's life sciences industry.  California and Massachusetts are also battling with each other. California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger talked up the state's biotech industry during yesterday's keynote speech at BIO, boasting about top research centers, tax credits, that state's existing base of biotech companies, and a $3 billion investment in stem cell research. "This is more than any nation in the world is doing," Schwarzenegger said.

Competing for biotechs' attention - The Boston Globe


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