The study also indicated that 50% percent of of health care applicants had employment histories that could not be verified or had extreme differences in what was stated and what was found, but the financial industry was not too far behind.  10 percent had some kind of discrepancy with licenses, but the financial industry blew those numbers away with more than 44 percent with licensing issues.  This doesn’t mean there are more criminals per se working in health care, as there are more potential crimes that can be committed with additional and new laws on the books ,especially when technology enters the picture, as compared to years past.  BD 

Criminal background screening hit ratios are on the rise in the health care and financial services industries according to risk consulting company Kroll. Applicants to financial institutions and health care entities last year had criminal record hit ratios of 11.7 percent and 16.8 percent respectively, a Kroll study found.

Study: Criminal backround hits for health care applicants approach 17% - Birmingham - Local Business News -


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