Just like California and Massachusetts, other states are finding value in promoting bio tech industries. A recent story focused on the number of bio tech companies in San Diego alone.  The bridging of research and the current market place still has a long way to go, but it’s making progress with the general public awareness of what biotech represents in the way of cancer cures and other critical research, especially relating to genomics and DNA.  BD 

Massachusetts' Deval Patrick isn't the only governor pushing biotech investment this week. In a speech at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine yesterday, Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley announced plans to invest $1.1 billion in the state's bioscience industry by the year 2020. Maryland already has a sizable biotech sector with 370 companies calling the state home, as well as the NIH and other research institutions. However, many Maryland-based outfits haven't been successful getting blockbuster meds onto the market. O'Malley thinks the investment will bolster the state's activities and shore up its position as one of the leading centers for biotech business.

Maryland Gov. proposes $1.1B biotech funding package - FierceBiotech


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