The search and competition for DNA and sequencing continues, and so do the areas of research.  There is also the competition for the X Prize in full progress, which will give the winner a $10 million dollar contract for coming up with the first device to sequence 100 human genomes in 10 days or less.  This proposed unit will make DNA analysis available in suitcase and Homeland Security has expressed an interest as well.  BD   

Microchip Biotechnologies Inc. of Dublin is near closing as much as $15 million in new venture funding as it prepares to launch a compact machine that makes preparing DNA for analysis cheaper and less labor-intensive. The round, which will include Samsung Ventures, the venture arm of the Korean company Samsung Group, could also include former investors such as In-Q-Tel and RONA Syndicates LLC, and is expected to bring the company at least $13 million.

Microchip Biotechnologies nears $15M in new funding - East Bay Business Times:


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