Unfortunately, there’s no pill in sight to cure this…the answer lies in how we live our lives, and work with each other as caring humans, something that has been somewhat lost today in the search for monetary gain.  In a related story there’s conversation on the stress an individual goes though with cancer.  There are also stores on individuals who have experienced an “awakening”, being diagnosed with cancer or some other disease who have come back with an unselfish desire to communicate and help others through these periods of depression.  There’s nothing worse today than feeling you could be an isolated island without any hope, so we get back to the human business, individuals helping others, and it feels good from both sides, so take some time to connect.  BD 

Our bodies respond as though we're in emergency," said Redford Williams, director of the Behavioral Medicine Research Center at Duke University. "The adrenaline levels pour out, the blood pressure goes up, the immune system turns off. "We're likely to get sick from a whole manner of things and get stressed out, where you're fearful and anxious," Williams said.  The link between financial troubles and psychological problems is well documented.

"There's going to be, all over this country, a rise in the tide of distress that's going to be manifested," Williams said. "Mental health problems, suicide rates, heart disease, heart attacks."

ABC News: Recession Depression: Economy's Toll on Your Health


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