Life saving drugs released in the body, without the use of needles, pretty astounding work.  The smart pill is capable of delivering life-saving drugs to the right part of the body, in the right dose and at the right time.  When you stop and think about it as a patient, which would you choose, shot or pill?  BD  image

HELSINKI: The creator of a new generation of Star Trek-style 'smart pills', which allow life-saving drugs to be released into the body on demand and 'smart injections', which pass through the skin without needles, has been given the world's richest technology prize for leading a biomedical revolution that is helping millions around the globe. Dr Robert Langer, the Harvard professor who heads the world's largest biomedical engineering laboratory in the world at MIT, was awarded the Millennium Technology Prize here late on Wednesday.

Star Trek-style smart pill creator wins technology prize-Europe-World-The Times of India

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