The 911 system is being somewhat abused in the Houston area, thus now we add on another level to make sure the people who need an ambulance get one, and stop some of the “dry” runs, which costs everyone money.  People are using 911 to call in for refills on imageprescriptions!  Richmond has run a similar program over over a year with the tele-nurse program and it appears to working.  So, in the future, if the call is not an emergency, a nurse will help with the call.  It will be the call of the dispatcher to determine if the call is an emergency or not.  BD  

But what about refilling your prescriptions or diagnosing that peculiar rash on your arm? They are hardly emergencies, but that doesn't stop many residents in Houston, Tex., as well as other cities across the country, from calling 911. "A lot of people who call 911 do so for a non-emergency," said Dr. David Persee, Houston's director of Emergency Medical Services.

ABC News: Tele-Nurses Tackle 911 Calls by Phone


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