These were stolen from a car, back up tapes left in a car over night instead of being delivered immediately to the storage vault.  Now the mess is accelerating to a very large expense in inconvenience for all.  No indication that anything was compromised but as usual free credit reporting service is offered.  The tapes had 16 years of records.  BD 

The University of Utah Hospitals & Clinics is notifying 2.2 million patients and guarantors (persons responsible for paying) of the theft of backup tapes containing billing data. The data breach, affecting everyone treated in the Salt Lake City-based delivery system during the past 16 years, occurred on June 2, and the university disclosed it on June 10. That is considerably faster disclosure than for many other health care data breaches announced in recent months. Data on the tapes included names and related demographic information, diagnostic codes and Social Security numbers for 1.3 million individuals.

U-Utah Data Breach Hits 2.2 Million


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