Same thing holds true for a national level.  There are not enough people in office with enough technical knowledge in either area and thus we end up with folks in charge who lack the ability to relay, explain, communicate and teach some of the principles of technology and how it impacts the everyday life of the average citizen.  They have staff members that work on these projects, but it’s always so much better to be able to have such knowledge relayed from the “horse’s mouth” if you will, thus we end up with this, voters who don’t know what to vote for as well.  BD 

While a solid majority of California voters wants to see the state's $17 billion budget gap closed with spending cuts rather than tax increases, those same voters are unwilling to say what state programs they want to trim, a new Field Poll reports. That's bad news for Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Democratic and Republican legislators struggling to craft a balanced budget that at least two-thirds of the Legislature can support.

Voters back cuts but don't know what to slice


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