One more minimally invasive surgery technique.  There is not a version of this procedure for men yet.  This has to help in cutting down the infection rates I would guess as well.  It is not out for prime time surgery yet, but the technology is here.  BD 

NEW HAVEN — Breaking new ground in what many surgeons consider the next frontier in minimally invasive surgery, Yale School of Medicine and Yale-New Haven Hospital surgeon Kurt Roberts, MD, successfully performed an appendectomy with no abdominal incision. The appendix was removed through a small incision in the patient's vagina.

This advanced technique, known as an "invisible incision" appendectomy, left the patient with no external scar, no damage to the abdominal wall and minimal postoperative pain, thereby allowing for an almost immediate return to normal activity.

"Without incisions in the abdomen, there is no opportunity to develop surgery-related hernias or wound infections. Patients who undergo procedures such as these are expected to recover and resume most normal activities within just a few days," explained Roberts.

Roberts, an assistant professor of surgery at Yale, said there are some reports of this surgery being successfully performed outside of the United States but that previous attempts within the U.S. always necessitated at least one abdominal incision to either help remove the appendix or insert a camera to guide the surgery.

Yale-New Haven Hospital

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