This is good news in finding cancer of the unknown with lung tumors.  Back in January I have the opportunity to interview Rosetta about the tests and here’s a brief portion of the interview, use the link to read the entire post with all the details.  The tests are 96% and thousand of patients now can have the answer as to where their cancer tumor originated, as even though a tumor is in the lung, it could have migrated from somewhere else and that would could the treatments plans to vary as well.  BD 

Rosetta Genomics Interview – microRNA for Diagnosing Lung Cancer Tumors

Rosetta Genomics – Today I had the opportunity to speak with and interview Ronen Tamir, Chief Commercialization Officer, at Rosetta to find out how imagemicroRNA is helping diagnose and treat cancer.  

If you have been keeping up with the news of late, Rosetta in the last couple of weeks has had 3 press releases announcing their new microRNA tests which they will begin offering to help doctors analyze and determine diagnosis of certain types of lung cancer and where cancer has it’s origins.  This is expected to help doctors decide what type of cancer is to be treated. The use of microRNAs will give accurate information about the cancer they are dealing with and aid doctors in guiding personalized treatment plans, specific to the type of cancer that is detected.

NEW YORK (GenomeWeb News) – Rosetta Genomics and its research collaborators have published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology data from a study showing that the same biomarker used in the firm's miRNA-based test for squamous lung cancer provided 96 percent sensitivity.

The study, which was posted online Monday on the journal's website, included 262 patients and was conducted by Rehovot, Israel-based Rosetta and researchers from Columbia University, NYU Cancer Institute, and Sheba Medical Center.

Rosetta Genomics Publishes Data on Lung Cancer Test | GenomeWeb Daily News | DxPGx | GenomeWeb

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