The big item here shows personal health records only making a one percent increase, and this comes back to training and education, as the survey states patients want it, but there’s still the education process on how this can happen and how consumers can take control and maintain their personal health records online. 

In a prior post I had mentioned the lack of Clinical Trial participation in the US, personal health records that are connected are an excellent way to address the issue with getting both the patient and doctor involved with credible information available. 

Both Google Health and HealthVault work with TrialX. 

Information drives all these processes today, so until such time we get all the information together under a useable format, the participation may continue to dwindle. 

Also, now we have Medical Records systems that will connect to a PHR available for the doctors, so the missing link here is getting connected. 


EClinicalWorks, which is installed at many practices is now making the connection available, again, check with your doctor’s office to see if the version of the vendor software is enabled.  BD 

Some 57% of consumers want a secure Internet site that would enable them to access their medical records, schedule office visits, refill prescriptions and pay medical bills, a new survey shows.

The Deloitte Center for Health Solutions, the research arm of Deloitte LLP, a New York-based consulting firm, conducted the survey in October. The firm polled a representative sample of 4,000 adults using a Web-based questionnaire. Among the other findings:

* 55% of consumers want to communicate with their doctor via e-mail to exchange health information and get answers to questions.
* 42% want access to an online personal health record connected to their doctor’s office. But only 9% now have a PHR, compared with 8% in the same survey a year earlier.
* 37% are interested in using online tools that could help them monitor and improve their health.
* 27% looked online for information about the quality of care provided by a specific doctor in the last 12 months; 13% looked up cost information.

Survey: Consumers Want More Online

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