The video offers additional information on the Cell Phone Ultra Sound.  As stated, Microsoft funded the research to develop the functionality with Windows Mobile Cell Phones. 

The needs is met to a large degree as 90% of the world has access to a cell phone.  The probe was originally developed for notebooks and netbooks and has been developed for cell phones.  The current probes sell for a few thousand dollars a piece.  With purchase volumes they anticipate the price will come down quickly.  It is already being used in Africa by missionaries.  

All we need to add on is Microsoft Tell Me for some voice commands with the probe!  Are you still just using your Cell Phone for Phone Calls?  BD

A new technology can turn a cell phone into an ultra sound scanner, with William D. Richard, Washington University in St. Louis; Barry Goldberg, Jefferson Radiology Institute; and CNBC's Erin Burnett.

High Tech, Low Cost -

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